To Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle &
Make a Difference


Making Cooking Fun, Stress-free & Healthier – What’s for Dinner Meal Plans & Prep Programme, Foodie workshops, consults, demos utilising my Thermomix which has been a game-changer for me, saving me time, hassle & money too.


For us and our homes & supporting our wellness journey including doTerra Essential Oils which I am passionate about due to their work empowering many developing countries through their “Co-Impact” sourcing programme. Detoxing our homes and helping support our wellness journeys.


Innovative Lifestyle Products that support a higher cause. Celebrating the creativity of women. By buying these products, you are supporting the people who made them and helping to protect and preserve our precious environment


Create & Thrivers’ are: Changemakers, Conscious Consumers & Creative. Our philosophy is that producers, suppliers and consumers are jointly responsible for creating and buying ethical products.

Living Well With Steph is a healthy lifestyle journey and being conscious of what we consume.

What we consume – eat & buy – has an impact on us in terms of health & happiness and takes into consideration the people (who made our products) and the planet (our environment).

Do you want to make a difference, but don’t know how?  Join the MAD Collective…

Hi I’m Steph

I’m passionate about finding ways to enhance lifestyles in the context of making a difference – food, lifestyle products and natural solutions for you and your home.

I’ve been instilled with a passion for eating healthy food and natural solutions as a child via my maternal grandparents and mother.

I became a vegetarian when I was old enough to not be sent to my room for saying “ooh yuk not fish again!” and have stayed that way ever since. For me it wasn’t a teenage fad but a lifestyle choice, but don’t worry we do serve meat for visitors, well most of the time.

What we consume, eat & buy – has an impact on us in terms of health & happiness. It also has a significant impact on the people who made the things we choose to buy. When we aren’t buying directly from those that created our purchases there can often be a huge disconnect. We have no idea who made our stuff, their working conditions, were they paid fairly etc.

Our mission is to enhance lives for the better with consideration of social needs – not just our own, but also of those that create what we purchase.