It all starts with awareness.

By simply raising awareness about what trading fairly is and making a choice to talk and share about our own personal journeys towards being more conscious of our consuming – we can’t help but start making a difference. Understanding the impact our purchases have on the makers, suppliers, farmers – the people, the faces behind the things we buy.

There are so many ways we can impact positively on our fellow human beings and our amazing planet. Both people and the planet we are privileged to live in, are precious and worthy of our care and concern.

However, often both are neglected. Excuses like  “I didn’t know”, “I’m too busy,”I don’t care” about what’s happening outside our immediate frame of reference. In this day and age with tv, radio, social media etc we are far more aware of what’s going on in the world around us.

With all these sources of information we no longer can be excused for being blissfully unaware. With awareness comes responsibility. We are global citizens  and choose to care about people and the planet and just want to make a difference. To be empowered and aware of how we can practically do just that.

As a result of my journey, researching and launching a small ethical business in the past year, I discovered there are so many practical ways we can all make a difference and loads of resources to help us.

One person can only do so much but a community of concerned, or shall we say conscious and caring, consumers can collectively achieve so much more.

Make A DifferenceI decided to create a resource and a space where those interested in being proactive could join us in our Make a Difference Collective Group on Facebook and/or take part in our 7 Day M.A.D. Challenge which is all about finding ways to be “living life ethically”. It is a space to share and inspire each other on this journey and will be constantly evolving.

The 7 day Make a Difference Challenge is a catalyst to get started on this journey.