Cooking Smarter Not Harder

This video is from an interactive class I ran with Simon assisting (thanks Si) teaching how to cook smarter, not harder using my (“What’s for Dinner” programme) meal plan & prep techniques and includes live Q&A questions.

It is designed for Thermomix owners to learn how to utilise the fabulous Cookidoo Recipe Platform to make meal planning easily achievable.

I use Cookidoo recipes to make it quick and easy for people to plan. Also included are variations on each of the recipes to accommodate various dietary needs and suggested side dishes to complement the main dish too.

In this video we cover:

  • How to set up and personalise your filters on Cookidoo
  • I give you a free 5-day meal plan with options for Vegetarians/Vegans too
  • You get shown how to save your plan and set up your shopping list
  • Tips and tricks to gain confidence in navigating Cookidoo successfully
  • How to plan a week in 5 minutes using the Cookidoo links
  • Why meal planning is a great habit worth cultivating
  • How to prep ahead
  • How meal planning saves you time, money, and stress

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