Lack of energy, poor quality sleep and overwhelm are three of the most common things that people ask me about when it comes to wellness & self-care.

I’m excited to let you know that essential oils (natural products made from plants) can help with these things and so much more!!

I first discovered essential oils via my homeopath in London who was treating me for bad hay-fever when I was pregnant and unable to take my usual meds. At some point she recommended lavender as essential for every home. I can’t recall exactly what she said but it was sufficient that I took notice and bought some.

Later, when my 10 month old scalded herself with herbal tea… Out came the lavender and off we went to hospital in an ambulance – naked baby in a towel, in the snow. We were living in London at the time. The doctors were impressed with how quickly she improved and I was grateful that I’d used the lavender. However, roll on 10 years and I met a few people who were badly scarred and said they too had been scalded as children. That was when I truly realised the power of good quality therapeutic grade essential oils and so grateful to have known about them.

Just over two years ago, I reconnected with the power of essential oils via a business buddy and was introduced to doTerra Essential Oils. I was about to go to Nepal with my business (She Made This) to source some ethical home decor products and took some of the oils with me to help me with the changes in diet and challenges of travel – especially in a developing country. The fact that doTerra sources from many developing countries helping them build sustainable business and providing ethical products was the clincher for me.

Learning how to use the oils and discovering there’s a myriad of ways each oil can be used was an eye-opener. The way they multi task and can be used in various ways for a variety of needs including detoxing and cleaning the house too was a surprise to me.

Now I use essential oils with my family in numerous ways each day.  First thing in the morning it’s a drink of warm water with a drop of lemon. Then it’s peppermint and wild orange in the diffuser in the kitchen to help wake us all up in the morning. Maybe add some on guard if someones fighting a cold or on my daughter’s feet, as she goes to work with children in a low decile school as a social worker. I LOVE being proactive and preventative with wellness (rather than reactive).   I love how my friend Nat from GTG says “QUESTION:  If I had a magic wand, what would an essential oil do for you?  Help with your sore knees? (ice blue & lemongrass), help you sleep better? (lavender peace or serenity soft gels)…”

I’ve always been wired to share great ideas or inspiration for things I find helpful and so I found lots of people began asking me about natural solutions. I guess it was always in my DNA to look for ways to enhance lives and be proactive about our health. My grandmother gave me a book called Ultra Health and it had a naked woman jumping in sand dunes with a gorgeous blue sky behind her. As a 14 year old I just thought it was rude and unnecessary! But I read some of it and looking back I can see there has always been a wellness thread through the years.

I started seeing the oils in a more profound way as a tool for helping people I came in contact with and sometimes if someone was unwell I would give them an oil blend to support them rather than flowers or a box of chocolates.

Intrigued and would like to find more? Contact me or book a free consult and I can help identify which kit or oils will suit you best.

Our team has a fabulous  tribe of women across New Zealand so there’s always someone I can connect you with if you want to see and smell the oils in person too.

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What are Essential oils & Why doTERRA?

What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are what people used to use back in the day and yay there is a bit of a shift happening as more and more people are moving back towards more natural solutions to support their health and happiness. doterra essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade, every single batch of oil is put through a rigorous testing process, nothing leaves doterra unless it’s perfect.

All of doterra oils are ethically sourced and the plant is only picked at the very best time.

How do you use essential oils in your home?

I use oils about 7-8 times per day! i start in the morning with a drop of frankincense (the king of oils) in my moisturiser then either balance or cheer oil on the soles of my feet. Then it’s into the kitchen and on goes the diffuser with something yummy like citrus bliss (invigorating blend). If someone’s got a cold coming on or feeling run down I’ll put a few drops on on guard (protective blend) behind their neck or on their feet. That’s 4 times and we haven’t even left the house yet!

The benefits of ordering oils through Create & Thrive

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Here are some other ways you can use essential oils:

  • Wild orange in bliss balls

  • Lemon in water for detox

  • Breathe (Easy Air) for sinuses, snotty nose, sneezing…

  • Oregano for mouth ulcers

  • Serenity to calm your kids (or yourself before bed)

  • Whisper as a perfume

  • Clary Calm for menopause or monthly discomfort

  • Digest Zen for upset tummy

  • Console when you’re feeling sad

  • Elevation (joyful blend) to uplift you

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