Do you want to make an ethical difference and just not sure how to start?

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Hi I’m Steph Johnstone

I have been on a journey of researching and launching a small ethical business in the past year and I’ve been on a huge learning curve and discovered there are so many practical ways we can all make a difference.

I’ve had many conversations with people asking questions about it all too and how to effectively make a stand and the bottom line is to strive to be living a life more ethically. Consumers actually have enormous power. So let’s harness it and use it for good and support each other on the journey.

One person can only do so much but a community of concerned or shall we say conscious and caring consumers can collectively achieve so much more.

We are global citizens who care about people and the planet and want to make a difference.

Join me and make a difference!

What Is “Make a Difference” in 7 Days?

  • A great educational tool to share with family & friends (it’s not about selling – it’s about giving back & raising awareness)

  • A journey to living life more ethically

  • Fun challenges (choose from simple quick & easy options or more in depth thought provoking ones)

  • We also have a Make a Difference Collective Facebook Group to support and share ideas on FB

How Does It Work?

You will receive a daily email over 7 days covering different topics and challenges each day.

Each will contain:

  • a bite size amount of information with links to more indepth info for those that would like to delve deeper

  • a short relevant video for those of us who like the visuals

  • a variety of challenges inclusive of all ages and stages on the journey

Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

I’ve had so many ask me “How can I make a difference ethically?”, so
I’ve created the FREE “Make a Difference” in 7 Days and I’d love you to join us.

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