Pramila is part of the sewing team we met in Kathmandu working for a World Fair Trade Organisation accredited NGO.

It was such a privilege to meet Pramilla.

Create-and-Thrive-Make-A-Difference-PramilaLooking at this photo, you’d never guess that just one year before she had gone through the trauma of losing her home in the big earthquake and all their chickens, which were an important contribution to her family’s finances. Talk about resilience!

They are full of gratitude that no one in their family was killed. A big event like that certainly puts things into perspective.

Pramila is one of seven hearing impaired women working in the team. She lost her hearing aged one year old. I couldn’t help thinking that had she been living in NZ, she would likely still have her hearing.

She loves being part of the team because they are being paid a good living wage compared to those that don’t work for organisations based on fair trade principles. They are treated well and get to live in safe working conditions which makes a huge difference.

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