Sustainable Development GoalsThere is a wealth of information on the UN Global Goals website. There are 17 goals which were decided as the result of a huge consultative exercise worldwide and there is a wealth of information on the site and they believe that if everyone makes a concerted effort the goals ARE achievable by 2030. Wouldn’t that be great!

Which of the 17 goals are you most passionate about? I have to admit I find it hard to narrow down but if push comes to shove I’d say 1, 4 and 5 ie No Poverty, Quality Education & Gender Equality because I think these 3 would contribute significantly to most if not all of the other issues too.

There are so many simple easy ways to make a difference and there’s a great little article/checklist which I suggest you might like to print off and pin up at home and use to inspire you. That’s what I plan to do. See challenge no. 2.

Try and make a point of choosing businesses that provide progressive options. Things like using plant based packaging, companies that operate clothing repair programmes eg Patagonia. The more we raise our voice the more the big companies listen and bother to figure out options.

Be the example. Actions speak louder than words. Take friends and family along on the journey with you and that will help significantly with the impact and likelihood of achieving the global goals. Share with your kids and show them by electing to choose gifts, toys & clothing  for them that are  sustainable and communicate why it’s important. Eg wooden toys rather than plastic, books, games the list is endless.


How this city in Japan has reduced their rubbish to virtually nothing!

And there’s a huge array of TED Talks which are well worth a listen including this one

Lauren is an Environmental Studies graduate from NYU and former Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and the amount of trash that she has produced over the past three years can fit inside a 16 oz. mason jar.

Lauren Singer is author of the Zero Waste blog, Trash is for Tossers and founder of organic cleaning product company, The Simply Co.

Through her blog, she has empowered millions of readers to produce less waste by shopping package-free, making their own products and refusing plastic and single-use items.

Over 747,000 views and well worth finding out what and how she’s achieved it.