Meet Pramila

Pramila is part of the sewing team we met in Kathmandu working for a World Fair Trade Organisation accredited NGO. It was such a privilege to meet Pramilla. Looking at this photo, you’d never guess that just one year before she had gone through the trauma of losing her home in the big earthquake and [...]

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What will your legacy be?

It all starts with awareness. By simply raising awareness about what trading fairly is and making a choice to talk and share about our own personal journeys towards being more conscious of our consuming – we can’t help but start making a difference. Understanding the impact our purchases have on the makers, suppliers, farmers - [...]

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Who Made Your Clothes?

HOW CAN A GARMENT BE CHEAPER THAN A SANDWICH? When we go into our shops. We see the clean, nicely arranged clothing shown to best advantage to entice us to purchase and there’s nothing wrong with aesthetics and creativity. However, there are also many faces behind all the products we buy - clothes, shoes and [...]

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The Power of Ethically Sourced Drinks

When it comes to drinks there are no prizes for guessing the number one purchased drink is for most people (except children). It’s coffee, but there are also other companies that have been providing us with fairly traded options in other drinks too and let’s not forget water. There are obviously lots of drink options [...]

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Food for Thought

Food is something dear to our hearts and makes such a difference to our health. Considering it from an ethically sourced viewpoint there is a win win win effect for the farmers and everyone throughout the supply chain including us, the end user. When it comes to fair (or ethical) trading, it’s not just about [...]

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Why I Started She Made This

I’m Steph – founder of an exciting new project: She Made This. Here’s the brief backstory on why I started She Made This. In late 2014 I was packing up to return to NZ after a year of exciting travels and a few months based in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It’s a city of [...]

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