Meet Pramila

Pramila is part of the sewing team we met in Kathmandu working for a World Fair Trade Organisation accredited NGO. It was such a privilege to meet Pramilla. Looking at this photo, you’d never guess that just one year before she had gone through the trauma of losing her home in the big earthquake and [...]

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What will your legacy be?

It all starts with awareness. By simply raising awareness about what trading fairly is and making a choice to talk and share about our own personal journeys towards being more conscious of our consuming – we can’t help but start making a difference. Understanding the impact our purchases have on the makers, suppliers, farmers - [...]

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Don’t be an Ostrich

What concerns you most in the world today?  Here’s a few key issues that concern me to start things off. Gender Inequality Poverty Human Trafficking Child Labour World Health These are some of the key issues that we hear on a regular basis and they have become so frequent that they almost wash over us [...]

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Who Made Your Clothes?

HOW CAN A GARMENT BE CHEAPER THAN A SANDWICH? When we go into our shops. We see the clean, nicely arranged clothing shown to best advantage to entice us to purchase and there’s nothing wrong with aesthetics and creativity. However, there are also many faces behind all the products we buy - clothes, shoes and [...]

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Would You Be Interested in this Job?

I was recently sent this well written article by Anna Lee, published in Viva magazine. It gives an insight into the reality of the life of an average Third World garment factory worker. A job primarily for women and, let’s face it, children, who would be in school if they lived here. The stats show: [...]

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Lest We Forget – Important Anniversaries!

Today is an important day for remembering. PHOTO: Steph Johnstone – Tower of London August 2014 Remembering the ANZACs and remembering the major earthquake that hit Nepal a year ago. Probably lesser known about is the 3rd anniversary just yesterday of the collapse of Rana Plaza. ANZAC DAY We arrived home from Nepal via Singapore [...]

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Dhaka Attack

An Islamist attack on a cafe in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, in early July – and the subsequent siege – ended with 20 people, mostly foreigners, dead. How has this affected the mood in Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries?” – BBC On the 1st of July we woke to the news of yet [...]

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Women’s Day? Whatever You Say Honey!

Did you realise International Women’s Day was celebrated earlier this month? Was it acknowledged or observed in some way that you were aware of? I saw several posts on Instagram and Facebook but I’m not sure the wider community were aware of it. Another day another cause. However, I think this is an issue which [...]

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