Don’t be an Ostrich

What concerns you most in the world today?  Here’s a few key issues that concern me to start things off. Gender Inequality Poverty Human Trafficking Child Labour World Health These are some of the key issues that we hear on a regular basis and they have become so frequent that they almost wash over us [...]

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Would You Be Interested in this Job?

I was recently sent this well written article by Anna Lee, published in Viva magazine. It gives an insight into the reality of the life of an average Third World garment factory worker. A job primarily for women and, let’s face it, children, who would be in school if they lived here. The stats show: [...]

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Experience the Reality of Human Trafficking

On the 28th–29th of October Steph Johnstone from She Made This attended the first NZ “Justice Conference” and as part of it she went on a simulated “Experience” of being trafficked. The “E” on her hand was symbolic of the tattoos a pimp puts on his “girls” usually on their chest or face! Given only [...]

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