Don’t be an Ostrich

What concerns you most in the world today?  Here’s a few key issues that concern me to start things off. Gender Inequality Poverty Human Trafficking Child Labour World Health These are some of the key issues that we hear on a regular basis and they have become so frequent that they almost wash over us [...]

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Lest We Forget – Important Anniversaries!

Today is an important day for remembering. PHOTO: Steph Johnstone – Tower of London August 2014 Remembering the ANZACs and remembering the major earthquake that hit Nepal a year ago. Probably lesser known about is the 3rd anniversary just yesterday of the collapse of Rana Plaza. ANZAC DAY We arrived home from Nepal via Singapore [...]

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Dhaka Attack

An Islamist attack on a cafe in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, in early July – and the subsequent siege – ended with 20 people, mostly foreigners, dead. How has this affected the mood in Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries?” – BBC On the 1st of July we woke to the news of yet [...]

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Why I Started She Made This

I’m Steph – founder of an exciting new project: She Made This. Here’s the brief backstory on why I started She Made This. In late 2014 I was packing up to return to NZ after a year of exciting travels and a few months based in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It’s a city of [...]

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Women’s Day? Whatever You Say Honey!

Did you realise International Women’s Day was celebrated earlier this month? Was it acknowledged or observed in some way that you were aware of? I saw several posts on Instagram and Facebook but I’m not sure the wider community were aware of it. Another day another cause. However, I think this is an issue which [...]

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