My tool of choice is a Thermomix which I use, I estimate, for about 85-90% of my food creation and cooking.

So for those of you who are not familiar with what it is here’s a little info. You can obviously cook any recipes I’m sharing here with your personal equipment also.

I am using the Thermomix TM 6 which is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today! Thermomix unites the functions of over 20 appliances in one compact unit. The world’s smallest, smartest kitchen! In fact, it’s the only appliance that get’s better with age. New modes and functions are being added and improvements made.

Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand, strives to build sustainable relationships and works enthusiastically to encourage a healthier lifestyle for all, through better cooking and eating practices. Our unique business approach brings the World’s Smallest Smartest Kitchen directly to you, making the impossible possible.

Thermomix in Australia was founded by Grace and Witek Mazur in 2001, Grace was introduced to the wonders of the Thermomix during a holiday in Poland. After dropping in unexpectedly on a childhood friend, Grace was amazed to find that within minutes, her friend’s teenage children had whipped up a meal using a ‘Thermomix’ while the pair were reminiscing! Being an avid cook, she just had to bring one home!

Thermomix has been a great success in Australia and has relatively recently opened in New Zealand in 2009.
You are most welcome to contact me today for an in-home no obligation presentation, to get a hands on experience with a Thermomix today.

Maybe you are looking for a business opportunity? New Zealand and Australia are currently the fastest growing region for Thermomix in the world so we are actively looking for more people to join our amazing team.

Why I decided to be a consultant

I wanted to share the difference having a Thermomix had made for me and my family to raise awareness of how this machine can help save time, energy and money. A true game-changer.

I do this alongside my She Made This (social impact ) business, as I am passionate about empowering people to be their best version of themselves. Both in terms of empowering women out of poverty (She Made This) but also food impacts significantly on all our lives and health too. It plays a big part in a variety of aspects of our lives.

As part of the Thermomix Consultants Team you get to meet some great people and make some long lasting friends too. There are also leadership positions and full time work opportunities for those who are interested.